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How We Are Different

We feel that every child is a strong and unique individual who is capable of learning through his/her own curiosity and experiences. In a loving, calm, and safe atmosphere, we support the children in their own discovery and facilitate their growth on an individual basis in all areas of development.

We believe that it is our role, as Early Childhood Educators, to offer a stimulating environment that provides children with an opportunity to express their creativity, curiosity, and adventurous nature. It is also our role to facilitate and assist each child in a way that encourages self-esteem, independence, and a love for learning. As educators, we must also value a love of learning, as we continue to grow both with the children and as individuals.
      We challenge children to excel in areas of strength, while focusing on specific skills that we see the children need to practice   
      We provide a balance of child and adult guided learning opportunities. We encourage children to take pride in their work.   
      We build strong positive relationships in and out of the classroom, during both work and play.   
      We facilitate experiences by helping to transfer knowledge to new situations, build initiative and creativity, and participate in positive social development.   

Thanks for your interest in our school - we understand what an important decision this is.