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        It is not enough for the teacher to restrict herself to loving and understanding children: she must first love and understand the universe.   

- Maria Montessori

In our Montessori classroom we use the Montessori's approach to encourage hands-on investigation for five general skills:

Practical Life Skills Sensorial Language Math Geography and Science

Practical Life Skills

Our Practical Life area is designed to teach children life skills that can be applied to their everyday lives. Practical life activities give the child an understanding of his/her environment and how it works. The child enjoys all types of work and also enjoys keeping the environment beautiful for all to use. This work builds the child's self-esteem, making the child feel of value.

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The Practical Life Area improves:

Fine motor skills and coordination.

Concentration and attention to detail.

Confidence and abilities to care for oneself, others and the environment independently.

Some examples are:

Our task is to show how the action is done and at the same time destroy the possibility of imitation.


Our Sensorial Area provides children with the opportunity to learn through self-discovery and the manipulation of the materials. Each piece of equipment isolates one sense, and differs by one specified characteristic for the children to study.
The work is self-correcting, allowing the children to check their own work and solving problem independently.

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The Sensorial Area improves:

Abilities to process information.

Tactile sense is developed in sensory activities through the use of

While Auditory sense is sharpened through the use of

The Olfactory sense, in which a child learns to differentiate smells, is developed through Montessori materials like

While the Gustatory sense, to differentiate tastes, is developed through:

The understanding of beginning Math concepts such as:

Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.


Our language area is multifaceted. The materials are designed to assess and develop skills needed to create a strong foundation for language, including:

  Language Concepts,
  Sound and Letter Recognition,
  Reading and

Our unique curriculum allows us to develop individual plans to challenge and build children’s skills in each of these specific areas of growth, as his or her development requires.

Once this foundation has been built, our curriculum expands into areas of:

Our language program continues throughout the day with

Free the child's potential, and you will transform him into the world - Maria Montessori

Geography and Science

In our Montessori Curriculum, Science is integrated within the subjects of Geography and Biology. The Montessori approach to Geography and Science in the classroom involves.

  Going out.

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We believe science experiments and demonstrations are essential to the Montessori lessons.

  Through experiments, the children learn to collect materials, predict results, carry out instructions, make predictions, record results and find connections.

  Demonstrations are aimed at giving the children a hands-on experience of the scientific process that occurs on our earth.

  From these demonstrations, the children can use their imagination and reasoning mind to make connections to the real world processes that are occurring around them each day.

  In Botany, demonstrations utilize real specimens and allow the children to see the specialized nature in which plants grow and thrive.

  Demonstrations support a fundamental value of gratitude for the world around us and understanding of the interdependencies between all living and non-living things.


  The children learn to scientifically classify plants and animals.

  This provides a key tool for the children’s observation of the intricate world around them.

  A deeper understanding of the plant and animal kingdoms creates a greater sense of love and appreciation for all life living on the planet.

Outdoor Learning:

  We take Geography/Science on a more real form by which the children are able to observe the land and natural features in their own world and understand these processes through their own experiences and observations.

  Outdoor learning allows deeper connections and understandings to be made and we take our kids in small groups for walks around to explore the nature.

Social life is not sitting in a room together or living in a city. It does not regard social relations. The essence is that something is produced which is useful to the whole of society, and is changed for something else. Production and change, exchange, are the essence of social life.


Our Math curriculum allows children to develop their understanding through hands-on materials and visual learning experiences. The materials build on many concepts that are first introduced in the Sensorial Area, thus providing children with a deeper understanding of quantities and math functions.

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These materials provide opportunities to learn both from memory and discovery as children explore quantities and operations in units, hundreds, tens, and thousands. Other math concepts such as

The child who concentrate is immensely happy - Maria Montessori.

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