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Our Approach

So here begins the new path, wherein it will not be the teacher who teaches the child, but the child who teaches the teacher

The Sunbeam Kids Castle environment is child-centered. Children progress at their own pace. Lessons are given on individual basis or in small groups. This enables our teachers to discover more about each individual child and their inner development.

Instead of instructing with rote lectures, handouts, worksheets, and lesson plans, our Montessori teacher will offer guidance. The classroom will often contain several stations, each containing materials which allow children to explore and learn.

Sunbeam Kids Castle focuses on key behaviors to implement this child-centered approach:

 Children are engaged peacefully and purposefully in a wide variety of activities.

 It’s a mixed-age class.

 The children are very independent.

 The learning takes place through the child’s own activity.

 The classroom is child-centered, not teacher-centered.

 The curriculum is highly individualized.

 A wide variety of beautiful, hands-on learning materials help children learn.