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About Us

Being unique is greater, I am the only one!

The Sunbeam Kids Castle is the fifth institution of the Sunbeam chain of schools which focuses on Montessori education. The Sunbeam Kids Castle offers a very special environment and treatment for the little kids between the age 2 and 5.

We have three segments viz.,The Pre-KG, LKG and UKG and the strength of each class would be below 20. The learning process will be the play way one and the burdening of homework will not be there. The Kids Castle is developed as the cosy, pretty, comfortable and clean center of joyful learning.

A Love of Learning Starts Here

Sunbeam Kids Castle provides an opportunity to nurture your child’s individual development within the context of a group setting. The child will emerge with a set of skills – social, emotional and academic – while, more importantly, knowing how to function within a group. Through Montessori education we offer a unique experience designed to help the child maximize his/her potential.
      Sunbeam Kids Castle prepares children to take on the future with confidence and zeal, propelled by the gift of self knowledge and a lifelong passion for learning. Sunbeam Kids Castle work diligently to provide a positive and formative experience which will serve the child now and for the rest of the child’s life.